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Bespoke Wedding Suits

Choose us to make your wedding suit you can benefit from:


  • Our expert style advice which will ensure your suit makes you the best dressed man in the room
  • A guarantee the suit will fit you perfectly and in plenty of time for your wedding
  • A huge selection of the world’s best fabrics and our fabric pledge


We specialise in making modern and stylish suits that will ensure you look great on your wedding day and that you invest in a bespoke suit you can wear again and again.  Please choose from the styles below to see examples of our suits or, if you are looking for more inspiration, visit our seasonally updated look book.


All consultations are free of charge and at no obligation so when you are ready please book your appointment with one of our tailoring consultants.


Designer Suits

Designer Suit

Infinite choice, including:

  • Slim fitted jackets
  • Slim fitted trousers
  • 1 and 2 button
  • Designer cloths
  • Personal embroidery

Formal Suits

Designer Suit

Infinite choice, including:

  • Black tie / DJ / Tux
  • Morning suits
  • Frock coats
  • White Tie
  • Personal embroidery


Designer Suit

Infinite choice, including:

  • Other Garments
  • Bespoke shirts
  • Bespoke overcoats
  • Bespoke waistcoats
  • Ties and Hankies

The King & Allen guide to ... Choosing a suit for a weddingTailored wedding suits from King and Allen. Exquisite suits to make your special day even more unique.

Choosing your wedding suit can be a difficult process. It’s probably your first time (and hopefully your last!) so even the most experienced suit buyer will need advice and off the peg shops will always try and sell you whatever they have in stock.

The key to getting the wedding suit right is to make sure that the suit is stylish so that you don’t look like you’re wearing a business suit on your wedding day, whilst ensuring that you don’t upstage the bride!

The only way to make sure you are wearing the perfect wedding suit on the day is to buy a bespoke wedding suit, and below are the main three reasons why:

  1. 1) A Bespoke Wedding suit = A Perfect Fit


Firstly, a bespoke wedding suit will fit you perfectly. The eyes of all your loved ones are on you – and the photos will last forever - so you need to look the best you’ve ever looked. The suit needs to show off your best features and hide your worst. It also needs to be a reflection of you as an individual and the wedding as an occasion. You therefore need to be measured by a professional who understands both your needs and the art of making a bespoke wedding suit.

2) A Bespoke Wedding suit = Infinite Choice

Secondly, a bespoke wedding suit offers infinite choice. We stock over 3000 cloths, so before we show you anything we find out about you and your wedding requirements. We ask about the mood of the wedding, the size, the style of it. Then we ask about practical matters – what will the temperature be like? What is the timescale, the budget etc? Mainly we ask you about you – so that when we do step to the fabric table we can help you make the perfect  decision.

  1. 3) A Bespoke Wedding suit  = Adding personalised features (for free!)


A bespoke wedding suit offers the possibility for you to add fantastic bespoke features that make the suit special to you. For example, you can have anything you like embroidered on the inside of the jacket, such as Kate & Will 29.04.11 – a lovely touch that you will treasure forever (especially when it comes to remembering anniversaries!!). Other bespoke additions include coloured stitching on the boutonnière or sleeve buttons, specially designed waistcoats, extra pockets – the list is endless. If you see something you like in a magazine or on the web bring it to your consultation – we would love to discuss your ideas.

Finally, we believe that: A bespoke wedding suit is for life – not just for your wedding!Complete groom and usher wedding suit service. Get a tailored, bespoke wedding suit for your special day from King and Allen

We want you to be able to wear your bespoke suit to work or to other events in the future – and we have many ingenious ways of making this possible – without compromising on your wedding style. This offers you even better value for money.

If you would like a FREE consultation with one of our experts please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact us for advice on which will suit you the best. Book a fitting.


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